Wolfpack Entertainment

David Jay & Afro Harmony

In the wake of the many parties, concerts and general festivities of December 2011, WOLFPACK entertainment decided to bring in the New Year with a unique flair of class and spectacle.

The David Jay X Afro Harmony Show, was one unlike the norm. This was a fun, exciting and fashionable expression of our diverse musical identity.

David Jay, one of the most youthful dynamic entertainers of our time, was brought into Ghana to continue his tour of Africa, and together with WolfPack entertainment, created his first ever fully live show with the band Afro Harmony.

As we promised, WolfPack presented AFRO HARMONY in their own headlined event, playing a mix of old school Jazz and new contemporary hits, LIVE!

This was another of WolfPack entertainments private events that has once again set the bar for future shows